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Mon, 07/05/2004 - 15:44

No need to always be correct

There is no need to always be politically correct. We shouldn’t care as much as we do. Calling on a child in class to answer a question will not scar them for life, and who cares if we say god in the Pledge of allegiance. If you don't believe in god then it should be a meaningless word, and if it offends you, then it obviously means something to you and you should question your own values. No matter how hard you try, you're always going to offend someone, but crap happens and you should deal with it. I'm not saying we should stop caring, but we should stop caring so much. Little Billy will get over the embarrassment of not knowing the answer, and study more. And having to face difficulties in dealing with others religious beliefs will only strengthen your devotion to your own. And stop suing over stupid stuff. Your child is fat because you let him get that way. Yes your coffee is hot and if were cold you would complain. If you're stupid enough to burn yourself and not learn from it, then you need to be burned until you learn. It’s quite simple really, don’t try to blame others for your mistakes and then claim injustice.